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At this initial stage, management is restricted to its founder, Paul G. Daly and technical consultants Dr. C.C. Shen and Mr. Willy Nelson.  Management is experienced in various disciplines including international marketing, business administration science and engineering. With numerous connections and business dealings in the United States, Canada, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, South America, Mexico, Europe, Japan, the company is fully equipped to tackle all challenges it faces in the global business arena. The Company will add positions once sufficient funds are available.

Paul G. Daly: President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director.

Paul Daly is the sole director and officer of the Company and has served in this capacity since October 24, 2000. Mr. Daly founded Daly Environmental Consultants ("DEC") in 1992. DEC offers economical solutions to environmental problems of industrial and commercial firms and government agencies at federal, provincial/state and local levels. Prior to the formation of DEC, Mr. Daly was employed as Marketing Manager (1986-1992) for Deep Shaft Technology Inc. Mr. Daly's responsibilities in this position included contract negotiation, licensee arrangements, manager of 10-15 manufacturers' representative selling, and organizing participation in trade shows. From 1982 to 1986, Mr. Daly was employed as a Product Supervisor in the explosives division of C-I-L Inc.; from 1979 to 1982 as Market Coordinator of Eco Research in., a subsidiary of C-I-L Inc. In addition, Mr. Daly is a member of several environment-related professional associations including the Water Environment Association (WEF) and the Water Environment Association of Ontario (WEAO). In 1982 Mr. Daly received the CPPA Conference - Douglas Jones Annual award to an individual recognized for making a significant contribution to the environment within the pulp and paper industry in Canada. From 1981 to 1992 Mr. Daly authored several papers for technical conferences held in Canada and the US. Mr. Daly received his Bachelor of Science degree from Laurentian University (Canada) in 1975.

William Nelson: Consultant

Mr. Nelson is an accomplished inventor and recognized around the world as the “paraffin expert” and is consulting to the largest chemical companies in the world. His real-life experience is in innovation is nothing short of amazing. Mr. Nelson has helped aboriginals in British Columbia prospect for gold using a secret process he developed using black light, hailed by the candle industry as “the master” candle maker (which alternatively his disciples have gone on to setup some of the leading candle manufacturers in the world), and most importantly risked his own financial savings and life to assist in the worst nuclear disaster the world – Chernobyl by using technology he invented to seal the sarcophagus from leaking any further radiation. His bravery and brilliance has been documented in numerous newspaper articles and interviews with National television. Mr. Nelson has made three trips to Chernobyl and is working diligently to place the technology he so much prized and protected with the world.

Dr. C.C. Shen: Consultant

Dr. Shen received a Bachelor of Science degree in 1970 from Chung-Yuang College of Science and Engineering in Taiwan, and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Idaho in 1976. Dr. Shen completed his doctoral thesis conducting research work on the Deep Tank Wastewater Treatment Process and has spent more than 20 years in the wastewater treatment industry. He has direct involvement in over 20 wastewater treatment plants in various capacities including the process design of several wastewater plants in North America and Asia, in both the industrial and municipal sector. In addition to extensive process design experience, Dr. Shen has participated in the start-up, commissioning, and operator training of over 13 full scale wastewater plants around the world. Dr. Shen was employed by C-I-L Inc. from 1977-1986 serving in various senior engineering positions with its environmental business Eco Technology. In 1986 he assumed the position of Engineering Manager with Deep Shaft Technology Inc. where he was involved in the design of wastewater plants. Dr. Shen joined Zeneca Bio Products (now Astra-Zeneca) in 1992 where he worked as a Senior Process Engineer until 1996. Since 1996 Dr. Shen has continued his work in the environmental/engineering field, heading his own consulting firm, Shen and Associates. Dr. Shen will oversee all engineering and technical related matters of the Company in its developmental stages.



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